Saturday, 6 January 2018

The London Borough of Medway

It comes a little closer, every year.

I would have choked on my cornflakes years ago reading Chatham being pushed as a great site to park your yacht and spend your millions, but the broadsheets have been softening me for ages:

Seriously though? Ever seen a chocolate box lid with a picture of Chatham cottages on? I was born and bred in Luton, Chatham, Kent. We'd have had the rose trellises away in no time..

 Development. Onwards and upwards. Some sussed years ago knocking ten minutes off the train time to London could see a gentrification, or if not quite Russian billionaire standards, the London masses moving out to Kent.

I've argued it since the Unitary Authority was established in 1998. Here we are, the twentieth anniversary of us leaving Kent. Sure, a bit of a Knight's move, jumping over Dartford and Gravesham to create a pseudo-London Borough with a buffer between, but that area will get the treatment soon. London right down to Sittingbourne.

Cking to hope. Medway have at least commissioned work on the potential disturbance to birds from development. Will they hold to this? Watch this (open) space.

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