Thursday, 26 August 2021

Blog relaunches 21/09/21

Watch this space: 
This blog is being relaunched on the evening of September 21st, with a full set of 'Where to watch' pages for the southern Medway, plus an updated 'How to watch' page, in support of the following talk:

Medway RSPB Local Group: 
"Birding the southern Medway"

Tuesday 21st September, 2021 at 7.30pm
(doors open from 7pm)

Parkwood Community Centre
Parkwood Green

 "Since 2013 Kevin has been looking at how internationally important numbers of wildfowl and waders use our estuary's waters, mudflats and islands, through a typical tidal cycle. His talk will focus on passing on tips and tricks for getting the very best out of a visit to the southern shore, from the head at St Mary's Island to the mouth at Sheerness and the deep water channel beyond."

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