Monday, 11 December 2017

The sum of all parts of the quarry (1): An introduction to Berengrave

The main drive, the Magpie roost, has been discussed at length on its own page. My other species of interest, Woodpigeon, has yet to have a page written (those who know me will be sighing with relief, but, sadly, it is coming..).

To date, 57 species have been recorded as flighting in to roost, excluding the odd Mallard or Teal that might drop in to join others on the pond. Permanent residents such as Coot, Moorhen and Water Rail don't count either. (A respectable 25 species have been recorded every winter, 14 in just one winter only.)

It's not an easy count. The viewpoint is in the south-west corner, most birds come in from the north and east. The figures won't be accurate. To go for useful trends, the counts try to be precise. Start 60 minutes before sunset, finish 30 minutes after.

It's not an easy count because things will deteriorate in the coming years. The red circles, housing going up. The pink, planned developments. I'm praying for a finch winter like we used to have back in the 80's. Hundreds of Bramblings and Chaffinches. The days when a Bittern might overwinter (the reed bed was managed back in those days). The days when there was a bird screen and a visitor cabin.

Grit your teeth Kev. 30 years from now someone will read this and be praying for what you've been having. 

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