Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Stangate spring

I love a good spring tide.

Over the top of today's spring I watched the islands from Shoregate; not as inclusive a view as from up on Tiptree hill, but way closer to the action and a good way to confirm smaller species involved in the routine spring movements.

Milfordhope was all but under, so the Twinney wader roost was pushed off elsewhere; the southern Slayhills. I was expecting them to go central Greenborough and join the main roosts there, but not the case. Roosts there consist of the Ham Ooze waders and wildfowl, joined on occasions by Funton.

Otherwise, a pleasant time watching the small group of Red-breasted Mergansers offshore- birds here may go west to the Nor area in certain conditions (most often in north to north-east winds) but more often than not stay east of the Ham Green peninsula and hole up around Sharfleet Creek.

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