Tuesday, 3 October 2017

A case of unwanted crabs

Even if, like me, your interest is just birds, never consign your twitter lists to just birders; plenty of other news on things that can have an effect on local bird life can be found by widening the scope of twitterfeed subjects; @LeonRosk is one such excellent tweeter who features a lot on the marine environment, in particular, relevant the bass here on the Medway, who also throws up a few gems now and then:

So, we have a new, invasive crab in the estuary, the Brush-clawed Shore Crab. The Medway is one of the first sites it has been recorded in the U.K. It has probably arrived via dredged ballast (the Arco dredgers discharge just a short way upstream of Upnor), and is a species that will oust our native shore crab. One to watch out for..

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