Sunday, 3 September 2017

Horrid autumn- 3/9/17

Looking west at dawn, Bloors Wharf Lane

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Wheatear on the mudflats, feeding on buglife on enteromorpha


Point: Whitethroat 8, Blackcap 6, Reed Warbler 2, Wheatear 4, Redstart 2

Viz mig: Jackdaw, Jay, Yellow Wagtail, all west. 8 Swallow and 4 House Martin through.

Offshore: a clearout, Grey Plover and Turnstone numbers down. Single Spotted Redshank.


Four Wheatear was good enough, but a brace of Redstart flitting about the eastern edge of the Hill was an absolute joy- one of the sightings I had hoped for. The odd autumn migrant is to be expected around the length of the southern Medway, but, if comparing to my first go at Horrid some 30 years ago, this was a species I now doubted I'd stumble upon. Even Holloway's 'Birds of Gillingham' hinted as hard to get-

"A few spring and autumn records particularly from the Sharpe's Green area, two or three being the average."

I certainly have no recollection of a two-bird morning before. Happy days.

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