Friday, 11 August 2017

Horrid autumn- 11/8/17

A Horrid factoid- The site of the small cement works, on the bare island at the point, was said to be a an awful spot to work, especially during the winter. Some believe it was these workmen who nicknamed the site 'Horrid Hill'. Maps prior to this time do not carry any name for the area.


Sadly, could only manage a late morning visit over the high tide. As the day was good, the park the was heaving. I arrived just as the Starlings gave up on trying to feed on the berry crop at the Point, and headed off to the apple orchards just inshore of Bloors.

Spent some time comparing numbers of birds using Nor / Friars Saltings. The saltings had the edge, just:
Grey Plover- 64 / 170
Redshank- 2 / 4 (using Rainham Saltings)
Whimbrel 12 / -
Dunlin 4 / 10
Curlew - / 1 (low, using nearby Bishop saltings)
Turnstone 76 / 33
Little Egret 4 / 3
Shelduck - / 8

Additionally, counted the Oystercatchers on the Kingsnorth seawall; 709.

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