Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Horrid autumn- 23/8/17

A Horrid factoid- The Point is promoted as a Run England official waymarked route. Having checked the website, I can find no mention as to why shouting all conversations during group events appears to be compulsory.


Point: quiet, just a single Blackcap.
Viz mig: two Yellow Wagtail west. One Green Sandpiper west.
Offshore: An increase in Greenshank numbers. A scan of the flats produced a total of 17, plus viz-mig flocks of six (joined by one from the flats) and five (both inland to the south-west) making for an early morning total of 28 birds.

The main Greenshank gatherings on the southern shore are at nearby Copperhouse, then to west at Otterham and Funton, with smaller numbers scattered thoughout. To the north, Oakham island had the largest roost. A morning like today hints at this being a species wholly under-represented by published data (e.g. Kent Bird Report maxima for whole of estuary up to my move back to North Kent in 2013). For those birders who like to count, do remember any numbers for any part of the estuary would be welcomed by the powers that be.

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